Gummy Bear Show Mania Celebrates its Two-Year YouTube Channel Anniversary!

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Gummy Bear Show Mania, a YouTube channel that is part of The Gummy Bear Network,  celebrates its Two-Year YouTube Channel Anniversary!

Gummy Bear Show Mania, a YouTube channel that is part of The Gummy Bear Network, celebrated its Two-Year YouTube Channel Anniversary on July 12th!

The channel creates videos based on episodes of the popular children’s animated webseries, Gummibär And Friends, by editing episodes of the series to be zanier, wilder, and funnier! These edits include speeding up episodes to editing Gummibär into silly objects– from a chocolate bar to macaroni! Viewers can also request videos they want to see via a Google Form submission, found in the description of each Gummy Bear Show Mania Video.

In the past year, Gummy Bear Show Mania has gained 235,224 subscribers and 106,908,420 lifetime views on all of the channel’s videos. To celebrate the Two-Year anniversary, Gummy Bear Show Mania created a video counting down the Top 10 Most Watched Songs on the channel. The songs, which are extended versions of songs found in each episode of Gummibär And Friends, include:

  1. I’m Feeling Lucky Today (Lucky Charm) – Season 1 Episode 25 “Gummy’s Lucky Day” – 27,508,958 views
  2. Ring Goes the Bell (Help I’m Sick) – Season 1 Episode 18 “Sick Day” – 5,373,084 views
  3. Lilliput – Season 1 Episode 8 “Incredible Shrinking Gummy” – 4,339,460 views
  4. Maroonba – Season 1 Episode 9 “HAPPY MAROON DAY” – 4,148,281 views
  5. Dancing on the Ceiling – Season 1 Episode 26 “Two Tickets” – 1,038,923 views
  6. Ice Ice Gummy – Season 1 Episode 15 “ICE ICE GUMMY” – 618,583 views
  7. King of Bowling – Season 2 Episode 7 of The Gummy Bear Show – ‘Bowl More’ – 540,243 views
  8. Everything is Scary – Season 1 Episode 22 “Creepy Creature of Nightmare Creek” – 452,021 views
  9. Welcome Santa – Season 2 Episode 2 “XMAS ALONE” – 298,238 views
  10. Plan Gummy! Get Organized! – Season 1 Episode 34 “Super Organized” – 295,061 views

About Gummibär:
A lovable green gummy bear character, Gummibär is most commonly known for his fun and whimsical music including the international hit single “I Am A Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song)”. He has released three music albums, an EP of Christmas songs, numerous streaming singles, and two DVDs, including a feature length animated Christmas special. He sings in more than 40 different languages and has received multiple gold and platinum sales awards in various countries. He has his own animated series, Gummibär And Friends: The Gummy Bear Show, which is now in its second season, and a large catalog of animated videos which can be found on The Official Gummibär YouTube Channel at

About Gummybear International:
Gummybear International is a content creation company that is actively engaged in music and video production. They distribute, market, and sell their content in various forms through multiple international outlets. Their brands are licensed by mobile app and video game developers as well as clothing, toy, consumer product, and food manufacturers. The company is headquartered in northern New Jersey. For more information, visit the company websites at and


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