Gummybear International In Conjunction With Talking Toys SL Release Talking Gummibär App For Apple iPhone And iPad

January 3, 2013 at 10:33 pm / by

Gummybear International in conjunction with the mobile game developer company Talking Toys SL are proud to announce the release of the Talking Gummibär iOS app. The brand new app featuring Gummibär is available now in the Apple App Store as a free download and will work with all current iOS devices, which includes iPhone, iPads and iPod touches.
With the new Talking Gummibär app, Gummibär fans both young and old can entertain themselves for hours on end. Use your finger to touch the screen and see Gummibär’s funny reactions, make Gummibär dance to his famous songs, talk and listen to Gummibär repeat what you said, learn to play the tuba with Gummibär, have a ton of fun playing the musical supergame, enjoy personalizing and sending funny e-cards to all your friends, and much more!

Discover the most famous gummy bear of all time! Gummibär is a small, sweet and cute little bear who loves making children laugh with his funny dances and entertaining songs!

The first Gummibär videos were posted in 2006 and since then the character has grown to be immensely popular around the world. The official YouTube channel for Gummibär today has over 1.5 billion documented views and continues to average about 2 million views every day. The Gummibär YouTube channel also ranks as the 27th most viewed musician of all-time and is the 67th most viewed channel of all-time.

The success of the Gummibär brand extends outside of YouTube too. The character’s songs have been released in over 40 different countries and in over 27 different languages. Gummibär has received Sales Certification Awards in over 8 countries, including one for going 96 times Platinum on Universal Records in Greece with its premier album “I Am A Gummybear,” despite the country’s adverse economic conditions. The musical success of Gummibär has also lead to extensive merchandising lines throughout the world, including very popular ones in Greece, Poland and France.

About Gummybear International – Gummybear International is engaged in the creation, development, and branding of animated entertainment properties, as well as musical content based on and produced for such properties. It markets and sells recorded musical and video products in various physical formats, such as compact discs and DVDs, and digital formats, such as downloads and ringtones, through a worldwide network of established distributors and licensees. The company’s music publishing segment owns and acquires rights to musical compositions, markets these compositions, and receives royalties or fees for their use. It also is actively developing mobile and computer based games and exploiting merchandising rights for its brands in cooperation with a variety of licensing partners. GBI is working on a number of film and TV projects. The company is headquartered in New Jersey. For more information, visit the Gummybear International website at



  1. amor eres el mejor y tambien con la cancion de mi vida la de i´m a gummy bear 2015 remix o yeah

  2. mi favorito cantante eres tu gummibar y mi cancion de mi vida que es i´m a gummy bear 2015 remix

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