Gummybear International Licenses Use of Animated Character Gummibär for Bulgarian Jumbo Toy Stores TV Ad Campaign

June 4, 2012 at 3:17 pm / by

Gummybear International is proud to announce a new licensing deal with Greek based toy retail giant, Jumbo. Gummybear International has granted license for their lovable, singing and dancing gummy bear character, Gummibär, to be used in the most recent television ad campaign launched by Jumbo, for their chain of toy stores in Bulgaria. The commercial produced by Jumbo depicts Gummibär up to his usual, off-the-wall antics as he sings about the toy store along to the music of his very popular song “I’m A Gummy Bear.” The television ad can be seen on Jumbo’s YouTube channel.

The decision to work with Jumbo, a toy retailer similar in popularity to Toys R Us in the U.S., was made based on their good reputation and Gummybear International’s on-going goal to increase exposure for Gummibär around the world. “We see this as a great co-branding opportunity for Gummibär,” said Jürgen Korduletsch, President of Gummybear International, “Jumbo is a popular and respectable company and we look forward to great success together.”

The recent licensing deal is not the first for Gummibär. In 2011, the Turkish telecommunication company, BN Telekom, used Gummibär in a successful promotional campaign that resulted in a significant boost in sales. Also in 2010, Greek food company IFANTIS used the popular gummy bear character for a national television ad campaign.


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