I Am A Gummy Bear DVD

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Available for purchase at the Gummibar webstore here.


I Am A Gummy Bear DVD

*The Gummy Bear Song available on DVD for the first time
*Includes the debut of the song Nuki Nuki (The Nuki Song)
*Also includes a nifty Sing Along Songbook with full lyrics in eight different languages

Video collection includes:
*I Am A Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song)
*Cho Ka Ka O
*Nuki Nuki (The Nuki Song)
*Je M’Appelle Gummy Bear (French Version)
*Yo Soy Tu Gummy Bear (Spanish Version)
*Ich Bin Dein Gummibär (German Version)
*Itt Van A Gumimaci (Hungarian Version)
*Jag Är En Gummybjörn (Swedish Version)
*Eu Sou O Ursinho (Portuguese Version)
*The Gummy Bear Song (Hebrew Version)
*Choco Choco Choco
*Nuki Nuki (The Nuki Song) (Short Edit)