The Gummibär Game Mobile App


Gummibär is taking a trip in his plane to a dance competition when a sudden storm forces him to make an emergency landing on an unknown island. To his surprise, he discovers that the island is inhabited by a tribe of fierce savage gummy bears. To his even greater surprise, he discovers that this tribe possesses special instruments and dances that would help him to win the dance competition. However, the chief of the tribe will only give him the special instruments and dances in exchange for magical fruits that are hidden on the nearby islands. Help Gummibär as he embarks on a dangerous adventure to find these fruits and trade them with the chief for the special instruments and dances so that he can win the championship competition.


Available for purchase on iTunes here.


The Gummibär Game mobile app debuted in the fall of 2008 on the iOs platform. A classic jump and run action game, it includes three different minigames. Gameplay involves exploring mysterious islands and facing deadly challenges, impressing everyone with your dance moves, and escaping disaster and doom by navigating a river full of sharks and a sky full of angry rain clouds.

Features include:
- Original Gummibär music including The Gummy Bear Song
- 8 different music tracks
- 24 challenging game levels
- 2 different play modes - story and arcade.
- Touch or accelerometer control on the fly and the boat game.
- 3 difficulty levels
- Spectacular graphics
- Playing instructions included in game.


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