YouTube Kids Commemorates App’s Birthday with Gummibär Playlist

February 23, 2017 at 5:48 pm / by

YouTube’s children-friendly app, the YouTube Kids app, has featured a custom playlist curated by Gummibär of “The Gummy Bear Song” fame today, Tuesday February 23, 2017. February 23rd is the YouTube Kids app’s birthday, which launched in 2015 making today its second anniversary. The YouTube Kids app is for parents who wish to closely monitor  their children’s activity on YouTube, as the app allows children to enjoy YouTube without parents worrying about sensitive or adult content.

By downloading the YouTube kids app, Gummibär fans will open the app to Gummibär’s 29 song playlist on the app’s ‘Music’ page. The playlist features iconic Gummibär hit songs including “The Gummy Bear Song”, “I Want Candy”, “Happy Birthday”, “Mr. Mister Gummibar” and “Bubble Up”. Additionally, Gummibär’s playlist consists of other kid favorites and kids birthday party songs such as “Happy” by Pharrell, “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake, “The Hampsterdance”, “The Chicken Dance” and more.

Gummibär fans can download the YouTube Kids App on iTunes and Google Play.


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